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Napisany 08 October 2018 - 08:41 AM

the street and is treated everywhere, and this is dumplings, cookies and even sausages. There is a commentary in the background that "Polish hospitality can bake" and the unfortunate priest "feels hell". And when he begs "water," he receives - holy water and a sprinkler from an elegant lady in the post-Balzak age. But of course, this is not about holy water and an elegant lady gives in the 18th of a second - Ranigast Max along with a lot of teacher's prompts from behind the screen.

The movie is on youtube but Smarzowski's name - lack. It's a pity. How much joke and finesse in showing the specifics on a lighter belching.
He is generally more than discreet about his achievements in the field of advertising and video advertising clips. The only video clip he mentions is an order from the Ministry of the Environment - regarding "tightening the radiators so that heat does not escape" with the participation of Stanisław Tym and radiators and a black wig.
This advertisement was ordered by the Ministry of the Environment in the advertising company Eskadra Advertising in 2013 and the company Garaż Miejsce Filmowe based in Tyniecka 17 in Warsaw. Fight against global warming from the Ministry of the Environment and from the money provided by Norway and Lichtenstein.
The film features Stanisław Tym himself, strongly advanced in years in a wig and persuades a "gray Pole" to tighten the taps at the radiators. Probably because of global warming or something like that. Stanisław Tym has gone a long way, but still how many people remember the movie "Cruise" and how much the movie "Teddy". It would be a hit if this "educational lesson" was not carried out by the ministry.
Already the second ministry, which furthered the money of director Smarzowski. This is the fate of the "independent artist" and Smarzowski the best example - creative independence.
The largest advertising client in the professional life of director Smarzowski was the bank and not just any managed by the president Mateusz Morawiecki: Bank Zachodni WBK.
And the commission was for 3 advertising films with the participation of the famous actor Kevin Spacey in 2014 and 2015.
Bank Zachodni WBK had a very short history in the People's Republic of Poland: it was founded as Bank Zachodni SA by "departing communism" in 1988 in Wrocław. On June 13, 2001, the Commission for Banking Supervision approved the creation of a merger with the Wielkopolska Bank for Credit - Bank Zachodni WBK and 70% of the shares was taken up by the group of Irish banks - Allied Irish Banks.
In 2011, 95,67% of shares were purchased by Santander Consumer Bank S. And then the then President of Bank Zachodni WBK (from 2007) Mr. Mateusz Morawiecki in 2014 made "rebranding" and continued the "policy of insulating the image" with great impetus.
The great advertising momentum of Bank Zachodni WBK in 2013 manifested itself in the employment of the advertising spot "Konto Godne Polecenia" - an actor from Hollywood - Mr. Kevin Spacey in place of much older Chuck Norris.
Kevin Spacey, the star of the series "House of Cards", has appeared in several advertising campaigns of Bank Zachodni WBK, including with Anna Dereszowska in February 2014, he began to persuade to the Credit
The duo, in March 2014, together with "Arka" Jakubik in the sports locker room, struck a "mobile Account Worth Recommending." And with a performance by a certain Aleksandra Kisio. This is probably the spot "on the yacht".
If you could see in which elegant decorations, elegant Dereszowska presents to a well-set table "uncle Kevin" various Polish cousins. Simply petty bourgeoisie and to disgust clean and tidy. And no one is drunk. Maybe they have a slight inferiority complex to the visitor but this will be understood by every viewer who has not yet considered a quick loan at Bank Zachodni WBK.
Kevin and director Smarzowski were proudly informed by the media Mr. Artur Sikora, director of corporate communication and marketing at BZ WBK, and in particular that "the creation of the campaign was prepared by the agency Red8 Advertising" and "the spot directed by Wojciech Smarzowski".
He also described it "synthetically" by Mr. Dariusz Twaróg in the Puls Biznesu daily in the article titled. Mobile leverage of bank advertising "of February 11, 2014: '... Smarzowski with BZ WBK camera, PKO BB without Majewski, Eurobank with Adamczyk and ING BSK with Konrad (...) This week, the first commercial spot BZ WBK made by Wojciech Smarzowski, the author of the films "Wesele" or recently "Pod Mocnym Aniołem". The main role will be played by Kevin Spacey. The American superstar jerked the bank's budget somewhat, at any rate costing more than Chuck Norris. According to Kantar Media, which monitors the advertising market, BZ WZK spent 103.3 million zlotys on advertising last year, while a year earlier, when TV screens were ruled by the "Guardian of Texas", almost half less than 65.1 million zlotys. (...) Garma Kevin Spacey obviously had a marginal influence on the advertising budget of BZ WBK. The increase in promotion expenses was related to the general upward trend in the entire industry. Banks spent PLN 1.1 billion in advertising in 2013, while PLN 997 million in the previous year. PKO BP, which from PLN 97 million in 2012 took first place ... ".
I do not know how much Wojciech Smarzowski earned in 2014 in the spots for Bank Zachodni WBK, but such Szymon Majewski, as jealous people said, collected together for campaigns for PKO BP - apparently about PLN 3 million.
And since the annual budget for advertising one bank is about 50-100 million PLN, and most of it goes to television, there is no strength for the director Smarzowski to make a film about "pedophilia in banking" or even about "sexual harassment", let alone about "Stupid mobbing" in this entire banking.
Although apparently the first desperate employees moved to the courts and Smarzowski would find "files".
In 2014 Kevin Spacey did not move from the US because he was carrying out the second series of "House of Cards", so "the American part of the campaign", so it is not known whether Smarzowski had the honor to shake the hand of a great artist. This hand, which Kevin Spacey "put in underpants" to various young men and boys who were "unable to do something in the film. But I think so. I mean, Smarzowski could have shaken this famous hand. In the end, these were three films and someone had to "set the Polish climate" so that Polish suckers would fly quickly to set up accounts, take loans and NOT to read in contracts what is written in a small print on the last page. THAT would have been read to them by the bailiff if they were unlucky.
Kevin was on the wave and Smarzowski was on the wave.
In January 2016, it was announced that the fifth series "House of Cards" will be launched in 2017 but as we probably remember but already in November 2017 when the series was finished, "everything fell on the face" because the idol Kevin Spacey was in public accused of illegal sexual relations with minors, who totaled 15 in total.
The daily Daily Mail from November 2, 2017 reported that Kevin Spacey at age 24 had sex with a 14-year-old and on the set of the series "House of Cards" as many as 8 employees had problems of known nature with him. He did not let even the actor's son Richard Dreyfuss - Harry Dreyfuss - backstage at the backstage of the Old Vic theater in 2008.
Scotland Yard is already conducting 6 investigations in Great Britain and in the USA Kevin Spacey apologizes to Anthony 'ego Rapp, whom he "used sexually" in his New York apartment in 1986.
In Poland, after Kevin Spacey jumped from every television set in 2014-2015 - there was dead silence. But. That's how it's in banking. That is in the film industry. Or advertising. Or in the politics and industry of making water from the brain of the dark people.
This was not Smarzowski's first banking ad. The first, according to Filmweb, made for PKO SA in 2009. Title: "Renovation for pate" and the name of "banking product" - "Express loan". It is so embarrassing that the advertising company, which has it in its archive, has cut the picture. The ad text begins as follows: "Ania stood in the bathroom door. The new pâté on the walls still delighted her ... ". Ania "new pate on the walls delighted" but on youtube you can watch various ads of the bank PKO SA but the work from 2009 - there is no.
So earning on advertising banks had to wait. For this, Smarzowski got a chance in political advertising.
On behalf of the Institute of Public Affairs, which is actually the foundation, in 2010 it made an advertising spot titled "My first time, November 21. This is simply very important. "
The advertisement begins with the words: "... Sylwia and Patryk have just decided to do it for the first time ...", and after these words in the fifth second ad cut and see an old priest in a cassock sitting on chopped wood on the lawn before entering the church. We see the priest for 2 seconds and the reader reads: "What do you think about this?". My father claims that "stone fell from his heart", teacher in 18 seconds: "... They are wonderful. They promised me that as soon as they got their first time, they would tell everything in younger classes ... ". Cutting: the priest is chopping the tree for about half a second and again the teacher: "... I even dream that the whole class will do it together ...". Priest: "... I repeat in every sermon, you finish eighteen, it's time to enter adulthood ...".
It was about the participation of high school graduates in local government elections.
In the foundation council of the Institute of Public Affairs, we can find such personalities as prof. Marcin Król chairman, prof. Barbara Hűbner, prof. Wojciech Sadurski or prof. Małgorzata Fuszara from gender studies at the University of Warsaw. As the most important sponsor, the ISM Foundation exhibits the Polish - American Freedom Foundation with Mr. Andrew Nagorski as president and, in turn, the Polish American Freedom Foundation is maintained by the Polish American Entreprise Fund created by Mr. John P. Birkelund and Mr. Robert B. Faris. Involved in the privatization of Stomil in their time.
Well, not so long ago on the payroll of the Polish American Freedom Foundation was shown as the director of Mrs. Renata Koźlicka Glińska
As you can see, the world is terribly small. Various gave to earn "Wojtek" and he showed a remarkable consequence: he pressed, where he could, the priest - for a burka and tamed the Vistula dark people with erotic content, which is evidence of a courageous rebellion against the obsolete klechom.
 But that was probably the point for the clients. Let the Polish Catholic life become familiar with removing old priests from dignity and screwing them into erotic content. She got used to 8 years.
At that time, Smarzowski became friends with another "artistic and moral authority" Kevin and "everyone envied him". From the film and political industry. Some even came to the point that they began to dream of renting some "Hollywood star" for big money to play in a patriotic Polish film and to promote this unhappy Poland.
It is probably ongoing consultations whether Chuck Norris or Antonio Banderas will be more suitable. With Kevin, you have to give up regretfully.
However, the practical and precautionary director, Smarzowski, who "does not deal with politics" managed to submit an appropriate application for co-financing his project of the feature film under the mysterious title "3" to the institution subordinate to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, ie to the Polish Film Institute, before the fall of Kevin - and receive, as it turns out, PLN 3.5 million.
The feature film originally called "3" turned out to be a feature film entitled "Kler" and the director Smarzowski discovers his dreams in him, which probably are not only his dreams. Let the whole Catholic church shoot a thunderbolt so that all crosses and churches will disappear. And priests.
The film "Kler" is intended to lower the prestige of all politicians who identify with the Catholic Church in Poland. In this "target group", to my surprise, I discovered yesterday evening - the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, who with her own hard work has earned widespread respect for the Polish public. And which today is in deep shadow. Polish Prime Minister - Mother of a priest.
It is also about the church property, which must be pulled under some pretexts. And it can not be
"Tug of wealth" - respected people. Such as Primate of the Millennium, for example.
Smarzowski pierced the ceiling and doused the cesspool of Saint. Jerzy Popiełuszko and Saint. John Paul II. Under these conditions, tussling with the canteen of other priests is a child's play. The psychological barrier has been exceeded.
Well, maybe it is worth asking how it is that a man with such an X-ray in the eye when it comes to "pedophilia in the Church" both "in space" and "in time" danced on sticks around the active pedophile Kevin, bowed him deeply and he was at a nod and could not hear or "see" - that the pedophile is. And when the truth is revealed, it is silent as if enchanted. I will not say that "sorry people, I had no idea that the pedophile was because there were no signs". And I am like a plane before the creature.
Because it was a "pedophile of a better sort" according to the artistic elite of the Vistula, so he should be reduced to a fare and "let's not talk about it".
For KK, not only will there be no "reduced fare" but there will be a brawl on all sides and all methods. That "the law would bend" and that "the clergy would apologize for being a cleric". And the guys from film, theater, cabaret, literature in place of the police, prosecutor, high court and executioner - they will take all these roles.
We can already see with the naked eye that the head raises the "party of Dugin Stalinism" on the Vistula. Its sponsors see a growing host of conservative Catholic Polish youth, so - they told the local stakeholder - "this fight will be your last". And let it be - let them be the last to fight. And then only the dustbin of history.


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