Space Expedition

Movement in astral. – Many people have problems with moving around in the astral. Passing through the room in a right direction may be a serious trouble. It usually results from the fact that we are not acquainted well enough with the astral and with the form we assume in it. It is like the state of weightlessness: you have to learn how to move from the very beginning. You are only a point in consciousness, without the muscles; you move around by using your thoughts.
The astral weightlessness
There is a kind of astral weightlessness, something which causes that you still move after you decide that you want to stop. Then you can go through the wall, etc. This momentum is caused by the power of thoughts which moved you. If it is too strong, you will move too fast and too long. Only practice will allow you find the golden means.

How to move

In order to move in the astral you just have to do it. Don’t think how to do it, just do it. Be conscious of the fact that movement is caused by your mind. You will have to want to move and want to stop. It is the best advice I can give you. If you learn the basics for some time don’t try anything ambitious. Move close to the surface and learn to move around in your environment first. Practice to differentiate speed until you are able to control it thoroughly.

Learning how to fly
You can learn it the same way you learnt how to move, using your mind. First you can feel that something of a kind of gravitation keeps you down. It is a habit. At the beginning you will move in long jumps which will end as soon as the thought about flying will become less powerful. Concentrate your will on levitating in the air. There is gravitation in the astral, the is only a habit. Convince yourself that you can fly and you’ll be able to do it.
An immediate travel

It is believed that if you visualize you target of destination you can get there immediately, at the speed of thoughts. Experiments show that it cannot be relied on. Usually you will find yourself in the place created by your visualization.

It is better to move on the surface if we deal with distances of several hundred km.

You’ll once loosen your concentration and it’s enough. During such travels you must keep close control over your mind.

Notice: beginners are usually limited by the time of projection which they can usually maintain only for several minutes. Therefore they shouldn’t try long-distance expeditions.

In order to travel long distances, you must be good at geography. You have to be able to recognize oceans, mountains, continents, countries and cities. You should also study the surroundings where you plan to go and remember some characteristic point on the way to it. The you will look for them during the projection in order to reach the right place.

Around the Earth

Entering the orbit is much more difficult than you could think. It is easy to start flying but it is difficult to stop in the right place. Many people have the tendency to escape the Solar System and then the galaxy. In order to avoid it one should closely control his speed during going upwards.

How far can you …

There are no boundaries as to the distance and speed. You can visit the most distant galaxy. The speed of the thought is infinite. It is like bending the space and moving without movement. If you see something you can be there … at the very moment. In comparison to it the speed of light seems to be like the speed of a snail.

This is easy; the very art is coming back. If you don’t have adequate astronomical knowledge it may be difficult.

In order to come back, get back the consciousness of your physical body, try to move your finger.

This will end the projection retaining all memories from it.