The road to death

At that moment I realized even more. I understood that WE HAVE ALREADY BEEN SAVED and that we saved ourselves because we were created with the ability to improve ourselves the same as the rest of the divine universe. And this is what the second coming of the Christ is. I cordially thanked the Light of God. The following simple words were the best expression of total gratefulness as I could offer: „Oh, dear God, dear Universe, dear High Self, I love my Life”. The Light seemed to permeate me more and more. As if absorbing me completely. Until now the Light of Love is indescribable. I entered a different sphere, even more profound that the previous one, and I realized something more, significantly more. It was a great stream of Light, wide and full, deep in the Heart of Life. I asked what it was.
The Light responded: „This is a RIVER OF LIFE. Drink this water-manna as much as you want. I did so. I took a big draught, and them another one. To drink the very Life ! I was in elation, in ecstasy.
Then the Light said: „You have a dream”. The Light knew about me everything, my past, present and the future. „Yes!” I whispered. I asked it to show me the rest of the Universe outside of our solar system, above great human illusions. Then the Light told me that I can follow the Stream. I did so and I was taken by the Light to the end of the tunnel. I felt and heard a series of a very delicate peals. What a movement ! The emptiness of nothingness.

It suddenly turned out that in this Stream I go away from our planet. I saw how the earth flies away. The whole solar system full of splendor past through and disappeared. Faster than light I flew through the middle of our galaxy acquiring new wisdom on the way. I learned that this galaxy and the whole Universe burst out from the multitude of various forms of LIFE. I saw many worlds. I have good news: we are not alone in this Universe! As I was floating in this stream of consciousness through the middle of the galaxy, the stream widened more and more into the form of a fractal wave of energy, which arouses respect. Super-groups of galaxies flew aside with their ancient wisdom. I thought that I was heading someplace, that am I traveling in a way. But then I realized that with the widening of the stream my consciousness was also extending gradually embracing all in the Universe! All creation was passing pas me. It was incredibly wonderful! I was a really Wonderful Child, a child in the Wonder Land!

It seemed that all creatures of the Universe flew pas me and disappeared in the tip of the Light. Almost immediately another Light appeared. It was coming from all sources and was a totally different Light composed of more than all frequencies of the Universe. Again I felt and heard several velvet peals. My consciousness, or the being, was extending embracing the whole holographic Universe and even farther.
When I was entering the second Light I suddenly understood that I had just passed the Truth. This is how I can express it best, but I will try to explain it in more detail. When I was entering into the second Light I extended over the first Light. I found myself in a great tranquility exceeding all silence. I saw or perceived ETERNALLY, beyond the Infinity.
I was in the Emptiness.

I was before the creation, before the Big Bang. I crossed the beginning of time, the First Word, the First vibration. I was in the Eye of Creation. I felt as if I was touching God’s face. It wasn’t a religious feeling. I was simply the uniqueness with Absolute Life and Consciousness.
When I say I saw or perceived eternally, I mean that I could experience the creation of all creatures. There was neither a beginning, nor an end. Isn’t it a creative thought? Scientists perceive the Big Bang as a single event, form which the Universe originated. I saw that the Big Bang is only one of the infinite number of Big Bangs creating Universes, endlessly and simultaneously. The only similarity which in a human understanding somehow represents what I saw could be the images of fractals, generated by supercomputers.
The ancient knew about it. They said that the Greatest God periodically created new Universes by breathing in, and destroyed them by breathing out. The epochs of creation and destruction were called Yugas. Contemporary scientists called this Big Bang. I was in the state of an absolute, pure consciousness. I saw or perceived all Big Bangs or Yugas when they originate and disappear. In one moment I permeated them all simultaneously. I saw that every particle of creation has the ability to create. It’s difficult to explain it. This thing always takes my breath away.

After coming back it took me many years to find adequate words to express this experience of Emptiness. I can tell you now; Emptiness is less than nothing, but at the same time more than everything, everything that exists! Emptiness is an absolute zero. It’s a chaos creating all possibilities. It is an Absolute Consciousness, much more than even the Universal Intelligence.
Where is the emptiness? I know. Emptiness is inside and outside of everything. Now, when you are still alive you are at the same time inside and outside of the Emptiness. You don’t have to go anywhere or die to be there. This Emptiness is a vacuum or nothingness between all physical manifestations. It is a SPACE between atoms and their constituents. Contemporary science started to examine this space between everything. They call it Zero Point. Whenever they try to measure it there is no scale on their equipment and all it shows are infinite values. They don’t have until now the way to measure infinity. In your own body and in the Universe there is more of this zero space than anything else!
What the mystics call emptiness is not emptiness. It is full of energy, of a different kind of energy which created all we are. Everything since the moment of the Big Bang is a vibration originating from the first Word, which is the first vibration. Biblical “I am” in reality has a question mark at the end: “I am what am I?” Thus, the creation is God fathoming the Ego of God in every possible way in a continuous, endless investigation through everyone of us. God fathoms the Self of God, it is the great „I am”, through every particle of a hair on your head, every leaf on all trees, every atom. I started perceiving that literally all what exists is Self, your Self, my Self. Everything is a great Self. Thus, God knows even that, that a leaf falls down. It is possible because wherever you are, you are in the center of the universe. Wherever any atom happens to be, it is the center of the universe. God is in it and God is in the Emptiness.
When I was fathoming Emptiness and all Yugas or creations, I was completely beyond the time and space as we know. In this extended form I discovered that creation consists in Experiencing Life, as we know it, by an Absolute Pure Consciousness or God. The Emptiness itself is devoid of experience. It is a state before life and before the first vibration. The Divine God is more than Life and Death. Thus, in the Universe there is even more to experience than Life and Death!

I was in the Emptiness and I was conscious of all what had ever been created. It was like looking out of God’s eyes. I became God. Suddenly I wasn’t myself. The only thing I can say is that I looked out of God’s eyes. And suddenly I knew why every atom existed and why I could see everything. An interesting thing is that I entered this Emptiness and left it with an understanding that God is not there. God is here. This is what it looks like. Thus the unending search for God in human race … God gave us everything, everything is here, just here. What we are doing now is in fact a divine fathoming of God by us. People are so preoccupied trying to become God, but they should understand that we are God, whereas God becomes us. This is how it looks in reality.
When I understood this I had enough of the Emptiness and I wanted very much to come back to this being or to this Yuga. This step seemed natural. Then suddenly the return through the second Light took place, or a Big Bang, to the accompaniment of further velvet peals. I swam back by the stream of consciousness through the whole creation. What travel that was! Groups of galaxies flew through me giving me still more insight. I flew through the middle of our galaxy, where the black hole is. Black holes are great processing plants or utilizers of the Universe. Do you know what is there from the other side of the Black Hole? We are there, our galaxy, which was processed from another Universe. Our galaxy in its general energetic configuration looked like some fantastic city of lights. All energy on the side of the Big Bang is light. Each elementary particle, an atom, a planet, a star, and even consciousness itself consists in light and has a specified frequency or particles, or both. Light is a living substance. Everything consists in light, even stones. So everything is living. Everything is constructed of the Light of God; everything is very intelligent.
The Light of Love

When I was swimming and swimming through this stream I finally saw an enormous Light approaching. I knew that it is the First Light, the Light Matrix of the Higher Self of our solar system. Then in the Light to the accompaniment of one of these velvet peals, the whole solar system appeared.
I understood that the solar system in which we live is our greater local body. It is our local body and we are even greater than we can imagine. I understood that the solar system is our body. I am a part of it and our earth is the same great being as we are, whereas we are the part of it which knows that it exists. But we are only this part of it. We are not everything, but we are the part which knows that is.
I saw the whole energy, which the solar system generates, and it is an unbelievable show of lights. I heard the Music of the Spheres. Our solar system, the similarly as all celestial bodies, generates the only of its kind a matrix of light, sound and vibration energies. Advanced civilizations from other stellar systems may notice life in the universe, that way we know it, thanks to the metrics of the energy matrix. It is a childish game. A Wonderful Child of the earth (human beings) generates now lots of sounds the same as children playing on the playground of the universe.

I was swimming in the stream directly to the middle of the Light. I felt as the Light was again embracing me with its intake of breath, after which another soft peal took place.

I was in this great Light of Love and the stream of life was flowing through me. I must say again that it is a full of love, unjudging Light. It is a perfect parent of the Wonderful Child. „What now?” I was wondering.
The Light explained to me that death does not exist; we are immortal creatures. We already lived eternally! I understood that we are a part of a living system, which endlessly renews itself. I didn’t say at all that I wanted to return. I just knew I must return. It resulted naturally from what I had seen. I don’t know how much time I spent with the Light but the moment came when I realized that I received answers to all my questions and my return was close. By saying that I got answers to all questions I mean just that. I received answers to all my questions.
Every person has a different life and a different set of questions to be answered. Some of our questions are Universal, but everyone of us gets to know the thing called Life in his own unique way. And every other form of life does just that, from the top to every leaf on every tree. And it is very important for the rest of us in this Universe. Because it all gives input to the Great Image, the essence of Life. We are literally God, fathoming the Self of God in an endless Dance of Life. Your uniqueness enriches whole Life.

The return to the earth.

When there was the time to come back to the cycle of life, it didn’t come to my mind, nor anybody told me, that I will return to the same body. It simply didn’t matter. I had all confidence in Light and the process of Life. When that stream mingles with the great Light, I asked that I will never forget revelations and sensations I experienced on the other side. I received an answer „Yes”. I perceived it as a kiss on my soul.
Then I was taken back through the Light to the vibration sphere. The whole process reversed and I received new information. I returned home with the knowledge of reincarnation mechanism. I received answers to all these little questions I had: „How does it work? How does that work?” I knew that I was going to incarnate. The Earth is a great processing plant of energy from which the individual consciousness evolves to the form of everyone of us. Initially I thought of myself as of a man, and I was happy with it. After what I had seen would be happy being an atom in this universe. Any atom. Being a human part of God … it is the most fantastic blessing. It is a blessing surpassing our boldest representation of what a blessing can be. For everyone of us being a human part of this experience means an overwhelming part and a grandiosity. Everyone of us, all of us, regardless where we are, having problems or not, we are a blessing for this planet in the place where we are.

So I went through the process of reincarnation expecting to be a child somewhere. But I was given a knowledge how an individual identity and consciousness evolves. I reincarnated in the same body. I was extremely surprised when I opened my eyes. I don’t know why, as I understood it, but despite of that it was a great surprise to be again in the same body, back in my room with somebody who looking at me cries her eyes out. It was my nurse. She lost hope after an hour and a half from finding me there dead, I was just getting stiff. We don’t know how long I was dead but we do know that an hour and a half passed from the time I was found in this condition. She respected, as much as she could, my wish to leave my dead body on its own for several hours. We had a stethoscope with an amplifier and many possibilities to examine the most important functions of the body to check what happens to it. A nurse can confirm that I was really dead. So it wasn’t a near-death experience. I experienced death for at least an hour and a half. When she found me dead, she checked for an hour and a half the stethoscope, the blood pressure monitor and the heart beat monitor. Then I woke up and saw light outside. I tried to get up and walk there, but I fell off bed. She heard a loud fall so she run up to me quickly and found me on the floor.
When I got better I was very surprised but also full of worship to that what happened to me. At the beginning I didn’t remember anything of this travel. I fell out of this world quite often and asked “Am I alive?” This world seemed to be a dream more than the other one. After three days I felt normal again, with a more clear mind, but different that ever before. The memory of this travel returned later. I didn’t notice anything wrong in any human being which I have ever seen. Before I used to judge people. I thought that many people were crazy, I really thought that all people are crazy except me. And now I was free from all that.

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