The road to death

This is the relation of man who experienced clinical death.


starsThe road to death

In 1982 I died of incurable cancer. The condition in which I was in then did now allow for the surgery and every possible chemotherapy would only make the vegetation on the level of a plant more intensive. I was given six to eight months of life. In the 70-ties I was a maniac of information and I was more and more depressed by nuclear crisis, ecological crisis, etc. Because I did not have a spiritual basis, I started to believe that the nature made a mistake and that we are a cancerous organism on this planet. I did not see the way out from all these problems which we created for ourselves on the Earth. I perceived all humanity as a cancer, and so I got cancer. An this is what killed me. Beware how you look at the world. It may turn against us, especially if it is a negative perception. I had a very negative one. And it led me to death. I tried various alternative methods of treatment, but nothing helped.

So I decided that the matter is between me and God. Never before have I treated God seriously, neither have I thought about him. I had nothing to do then with spirituality but I started to learn about spiritual issues and alternative medical treatment. I read everything I could and I studied intensively materials concerning these topics, because I didn’t want to get surprised on the other side. I got acquainted with various religions and philosophies. All this turned out to be very interesting and gave hope that there is something on the other side.
At that time as an artist, the author of mosaics at school, I had to make a living and had no health insurance. My life savings were spent in one day on medical examinations. Moreover, I had to carry out my whole medical treatment without insurance. I didn’t want to be a financial burden to my family, therefore I decided to deal with it on my own. I didn’t feel a constant pain, but I fainted from time to time. It resulted in the situation when I didn’t want to drive and the I had to be take care of all the time. I was assigned a personal nurse. In the final stage this angel was for me a real blessing. I managed to live lie this for eighteen months. I did not take a lot of medicines because I wanted to be conscious as much as possible. Then there was such a pain that in my consciousness it was pain only and nothing else; fortunately for several days each time.
The light of God

I remember as one morning at home I woke up about 4:30 and I just knew that it was it. It was the day I was to die. So I called some friends and I said farewell to them. I woke up my nurse and I told her the same thing. I had a private contract with her that she will leave my dead body alone for six hours because I read that there are some interesting things happening around death. The I went back to sleep. Then the only thing I can remember was the beginning of a typical near death experience. I suddenly retained my consciousness in a standing position although my body was in bed. There was darkness around me. Being outside my body was even more real than an ordinary experience. It was so real that I saw every room in the house, I saw the roof of the house, the surrounding of the house, I saw beneath the house.
And there was light. I headed towards it. The light was very similar to those which many people described in their near-death relations. It was wonderful. It is perceptible; you can feel it. It is luring, you want to go there as into the spread arms of a perfect mother or a father. When I started going towards the Light, I intuitively knew that I would die if I go into this Light. So when I was going towards it, I said: „Wait for a minute, please, stay like this just for a second. I want to think it over; I want to talk before I die.” To my surprise all this experience stopped at this very moment. You really can manage the near-death experience. It is not a ride in a mountain train in an amusement park. My was honored and I talked to the Light for some time. The Light was constantly changing into various figures, such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mandalas, archetypal images and signs. I asked the Light: „What is going on here? Light, please, explain it to me. I really want to know the reality of this situation.” In reality I cannot cite these words in detail because it was some kind of a telepathy. The Light responded. The information I received conveyed that our beliefs decide about the kind of reaction received in the face of the Light.

When you are a Buddhist, or a Catholic, or a fundamentalist, you receive a counter-reaction appropriate to your own beliefs. You get the chance to look to the matter and to evaluate, but most people do not take advantage of it. When the Light unveiled before me I realized that what I had seen was in reality our matrix of the Higher Self. I can only say that it turned into a matrix, into a mandala of human souls, and I understood that what we call our internal Higher Self, is the matrix itself. It is at the same time the link with the Source; everyone of us originates directly from the Source, as a direct experience. We all have Higher Self, i.e. some part of our being called over-soul. It revealed to me in its very energetic form. I can only say this that the essence of the Higher Self is similar to a channel. It doesn’t seem so, but it is a direct link with the Source, which everybody of us has. We are directly connected with the Source. So the Light showed me the matrix of the Higher Self. I clearly understood that all Higher Selves are joined into a one being, all people form one being; in reality we are the very being, various aspects of the same creation. It is not „devoted” to one particular religion. Such things I was told about. I saw a mandala of human souls. It was the most beautiful thing which I have ever seen. I entered into it and it was simply overwpowering; the same as love, that you could ever desire, love which heals, enlivens.
Because I asked the Light for a constant explanation, I understood what this matrix of the Higher Self is. Around our planet there is certain net which joins all Higher Selves. You can say that it constitutes something of a certain great unit, a subsequent subtle energetic level around us. Then, after several minutes I asked for more explanations. I wanted to know what the universe really is and I was then ready to die. I said: „I am ready, take me.” And it was then that the Light changed into the most beautiful thing which I have ever seen: into a mandala of human souls on this planet. I tackled it with my negative point of view about what happened on the planet. I asked the Light to explain it to me. In this wonderful mandala I saw how beautiful we all are in our beings. We are the most beautiful creatures. Human soul, human matrix which we form together is absolutely fantastic, elegant, exotic, omnifarious. I simply cannot find the words to express how my perception of human beings changed at that moment. I said: „Oh, God, I didn’t know how beautiful we are.” On every level, high or low, in whatever state you are, you are the most beautiful creature, you really are. I was astonished with the discovery that there was no evil in any soul. I asked: „How is it possible?” As a reply I heard that no soul is evil by naure. Horrible things which happen to people may lead them to cause evil, but their souls are not evil. The Light told me that love is what all people look for, what strengthen them. The lack of love distorts them.
Such revelations from the part of the Light seemed to be endless. Then I asked: „What does it mean that humanity will survive?” Then, as a sound of a bugle and to the accompaniment of rain of whirling lights the Light spoke like that: „Remember this and never forget it. You are the one to survive, help yourself and heal yourself. It has always been like that. It will always be like that. You were created with this ability even before the beginning of the world.”

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