Internal cosmos

Since my childhood I have been observing the world, nature, animals, stars and often the following questions crossed my mind: ‘Is our world really constructed the way the science conveys us, are we absolutely alone in this great universe, and if so, why is it so and for what are we punished this way?’ These questions often kept me awake at night and the fact that nobody could reasonably answer them was really destroying me. So I set out on the road to the sources of truth. I read many books and scientific elaborations, which undertook a brave attempt to explain the phenomenon of our existence, our origin, and the structure of the universe. Unfortunately, after having read many of them I reached the conclusion that they all lead to a dead end, from which one should return as soon as possible and begin searching from the start. And I spent many years on that, until the moment when one day a came across a certain theory, a theory which finally gave me answers to many of my questions, and it is the theory of an inner cosmos, or as some people prefer, the theory of an inner galaxy.


Contrary to the Copernican model of the universe there is a lot of evidence that we live inside an earthly galaxy. The theory of the inner cosmos is not a new one but it was universally known already in ancient cultures and nations. In the southern part of Mesopotamia and on the Persian Bay there was the state of Sumer. Until now it is not known when and from where its inhabitants came – extraordinary, mysterious nation even then having an amazing knowledge about cosmos, outrunning contemporary discoveries – unfortunately for many centuries ignored by science, and taken seriously only after sending NASA probes into cosmic space in the 70-ties, which provided the first color photos of the planets in the solar system – confirming in 100% the message of the Sumerians.



Many theories were laughed at and this one will probably also be laughed at by many. But is should be finally firmly said that: ‘several hundred years ago the present model of the universe originated in the minds of astronomers, and is based only on observations from Earth and mathematical calculations, which are only a mathematical model, i.e. are relative and do not have to represent reality at all!’ Even Einstein once said: ‘As long as reality is based on mathematics, one cannot be sure that it is based on reality.’ What does not mean anything else that that nature is unpredictable and as long as the things will be explained by mathematical formulas, so long certain phenomena will not be defined. A mathematic model is only a model, which cannot be assumed to be reality whatsoever! Unfortunately, many scientists reach this issue in a very superficial and irresponsible way. In their research they obtain certain results and very often they cannot explain the imprecision of the research and to make them credible they introduce the so-called measurement error. In my humble opinion it is not a measurement fault, it is a conscious distortion of science and making people mistaken, very often for long, long years.
The inner model of the universe is a single one and in itself is one great harmony of all processes occurring in nature, which do not need any mathematical models to for understanding its construction and origin. But the funniest thing here is the fact that our world is constructed in such a way that the laws of physics are equally obligatory in both cases, what unfortunately makes the mathematical model of Copernicus the basis of all sciences about the universe, as it was “the first” one. All inconsistencies and inadequacies of the heliocentric model are cunningly hidden by complementary theories, and the rest is simply not spoken of.

In the case of the inner cosmos, everything reverses and closes in a globe where the proportions are adequately smaller (real) and in the second they acquire incredible dimensions measured in milliard light years. The fact, long ago observed and confirmed by science, that the more we go away from the Earth the speed of spaceships decreases more and more. Science is not able to clearly explain this phenomenon. Until now nobody was able, or nobody wanted to measure the light in cosmos, what would finally explain many things.
The biggest mistake made by science is the conviction that the speed of electromagnetic wave in vacuum and the constant wave resulting from it is c=299792458 m/s. Learning thoroughly the theory of relativity does not solve this question. On the contrary, it makes the issue difficult and strays away from the fundamental topic.
In order not to be understood mistakenly I will add that the present science does not reject such a possibility.
A possible change of the speed of light may have a great cosmological significance, it may be the proof of one or the other topology of the Universe, about one or the other direction of its development. It may also have a key philosophical meaning.

One Russian scientist examined that the laser beam directed vertically to the sky greatly loses its speed, i.e. behaves degressively. Why nothing is said about it? Why is it so difficult to have the access to the results of many scientific elaborations, which would at last disclose this horrible mistake of astronomers from many years ago, which in reality is a common mathematical model originated in mistaken minds of people completely mistaken with reality – and which never and in any way was proved and will not be proved because proving it nowadays is totally impossible.

For me the Universe is one big organism joined by energy and not by objects super-separated from one another (separation is the main problem of science). The relativity theory really complicates everything, if one assumes that the light slows its speed down but the observer does not feel it there wouldn’t be fun with time and space, and the extortion of time and space is interesting on condition that we know complex mathematics, which also doesn’t explain anything. Many people say that relativity theories may be proved with great accuracy, everybody agrees with it, besides the Universe itself. But on the basis of the constant ‘c’ we elaborated so many “wonderful” theories, as for example the theory of relativity.

But this is what the human nature is like, that if a person attended schools, graduated from school and then attended universities, then out of the love of comfort and conformism, he does not ponder any more on the fact that according to the present laws of physics, what has been proved, is that a bundle bee should not be able to fly, but somehow it does, and not a single one! Many devices work, but according to the laws of physics they should not work. This is because these devices are constructed by people with passion and not with the knowledge of physics or astronomy and keeping to the ordered schemes. For example, if Nikola Tesla hadn’t had these passions and had all these negative human traits mentioned above, probably until today we wouldn’t know the alternate current, engines and generators for this current, as well as many brilliant, timeless inventions.

In 1000 years, or maybe even earlier, somebody will finally prove that he knows the truth. Our descendants will look at our science with pity, the same as we do in relation to the science of the Middle Ages, and the science of the Middle Ages did with ancient science. But maybe very soon the Americans will finally land on the moon and prove to themselves how small in reality it is, what in fact is clearly visible on satellite photos, and that the earth is a sphere, but we are inside it! Other planets also are empty inside and it cannot be excluded that inside them there is life, or even civilizations. This would also explain the fact why until now no forms of life were found on other planets. Because life should be looked for inside planets, and not outside. As something interesting I will give a fact investigated by NASA, that the Moon is empty inside as the shell of an egg. It cannot be excluded that the Earth is also a part of a different galaxy and rotates inside it and its external surface is void and covered with great craters the same as all the other planets which until now were ‘examined’. It is all probably built like that: the earth with its core rotates inside another planet, and this planet in turn rotates inside another planet, and so on.

What we see as stars is the center (the core of a galaxy) of our earthy system, what we (mistakenly) take as a starry sky. All in all, we see some light through its center, or maybe even the light of the sun which passes through it, or is reflected.
Such famous people as Isaac Newton and Leonhard Euler for their whole lives preferred the theories of an empty earth. Measurements carried out over 100 years ago totally confirm this theory but science does not accept these facts, or even does not accept the thought of it. Whereas, it would be enough to build an appropriately strong telescope with infrared filters to see from Poland for example London or Moscow, and just by standing on the ground and not at the top of a tower or a mountain. But this fact would certainly be only another challenge for scientists, who at all costs would try to prove that it is another phenomenon caused by a reflection of the atmosphere, in order to defend their religion, called science, and its regulations.

But how will science explain the phenomenon with airplanes for example? Why is it that when they are flying at the level of 7 km, from this altitude the visibility from a plane should not exceed 296 km, and the tests, with the help of infrared cameras, showed that the visibility is 532.9 km, despite of the fact that the visibility angle from this altitude absolutely makes it impossible to see such vast areas of land! The visibility angle from this altitude is almost twice as big as what mathematical calculations will show us and what the logic will state. Surely nobody will say that at taking measurements it is the “Fata Morgana” which reflects 237 km of land! Whoever played with calculating the sphere and dealt just a little bit with optics, can calculate it without any problems. And this very fact is one of the proofs that we live inside the globe because this is the visibility one can have from this altitude, but only inside a sphere. Someone suggested to me that in the case of an inner cosmos and from this altitude the visibility should be seven times greater, but it isn’t so because it is connected with an elliptical course of sun rays.

The explanation of the Fata-Morgana phenomenon itself should give many people the reason to think about its sense and logic. Sometimes it is shown upside-down, but only at short distances, sometimes it looks real and very often on distances up to several hundred kilometers, often lasting several dozen hours. Some observations indicate that in Strasbourg a harbor of Constantinople (Istanbul) was seen with such accuracy of details as if it was a mirror reflection of a neighbor’s house. How is it possible that from such a distance, up to 1,866 km, a Fata-Morgana phenomenon occurred, where science tells us, that if the light is shed on a non-transparent surface then some of it is absorbed. The ratio of the reflected stream to the incident stream is called reflection coefficient. If a surface on which 100 lm fall reflects 70 lm, then the reflection coefficient is 0.7 or expressed in percentage -70%. The remaining 0.3 or 30% was absorbed. There are far too many phenomena undermining basic laws of optics and other sciences!

Many of us were certainly at the seaside, in a harbor and observed ships sailing into the harbor. Watchful observers certainly noticed that we see the ships which are sailing into the harbor as if their chimneys emerged from the deep, what would prove the convexity of the Earth and the heliocentric model of the universe. This is nothing else but a common optical mirage, caused by the reflection and elliptical curve of light in the direction of the core of Earth.
In 1897 in the USA, professor Morrow and Dr. Teed built a construction that aim of which was to measure the concavity or the convexity of the ocean. So, what do you think were the results of measurements? Here they are: In a distance of ‘only’ 3.8 km, the ocean was 1.22 m below the reference point! So the ocean is concave as a bowl for poppy heads! It has also been proved that light refracts elliptically upwards what results in an illusion of a convex earth. If the distance to the ship is big enough, we have the feeling that it appears out from the sea and not sails from the top, as at an elliptical flow of the light the visibility of our sight is limited to see only upper parts of ships, whereas the bottom ones are outside the range of our sight. This phenomenon can be calculated by using a formula for the refraction of light considering the inner concavity of the sphere on a given distance from the reference point. Calculations and appropriate measurements prove this fact! Have you ever pondered on the fact that when we stand on the seashore we have the ‘feeling’ that the sheet of water is much higher than the shore itself? If not, then I recommend to pay special attention to it, as it can also be observed on the land.


Below is the formula for the refraction of light, which helps to prove this theory:

b1=curve (a half of the circle)=5000m

r=radius of the terrestrial globe= 6371000m
dh=the difference of height, which theodolite (a geodesic tool) should indicate in the case when the luminous flux is (supposedly) absolutely straight.

X1 = (r/cos(b1/r)) – r

X2 = (r/cos(b2/r)) – r


X1=(6371000/cos(5000/6371000)) – 6371000 = 1.962016 m

X2=(6371000/cos(10000/6371000)) – 6371000 = 7.848070 m
dh = 7.848070 – 1.962016
dh = 5.886054 m

As you can see the light beam refracts elliptically upwards! Who still doesn’t believe it, should substitute greater digits for b1 and b2, or should borrow from his friends a geodesic tool with a mechanic level regulation (only those are sufficient), and then he will see my point. Measurements can also be carried out even in a closed room!

Who still is not convinced by all this proof, then I recommend a trip to Constance Lake and taking a telephoto lens with a focal length at least 400 mm, and taking some photos of the other shore, between Friedrichshafen and Romanshorn. For that reason it is recommended to set the object lens horizontally and to take several photos, while in the middle of the lake a ferry boat is sailing. To remind you, the distance between them in the straight line is ca. 11 km. According to the Copernican theory and the rectilinear course of sun rays the photo taken this was should present the ferry in the middle of a lake, and on the second shore we should see the tops of trees and higher floors of buildings. I can assure you that it is not so! A photo made like this will always show a ferry in the middle of a lake and in the middle of the ferry, above the ferry’s side, we will see the other shore! Adequate measurements of the ferry showed the differences of height up to 2.34 m between the sheet of a lake and the point seen on the photos as a shore! Presenting such photos at certain institutions caused an astonishment of scientists and scratching their heads with amazement, what also led to some calculations. Here they are:

A half of the distance between Friedrichshafen and Romanshorn: b = 0,5 * 11 km =

5,5 km

mean radius of the Earth: r = 6371 km

The required height: h

h = (r – (r * cos(b / r))) * 1000
h = (6371 km – (6371 km * cos(5.5 km / 6371 km))) * 1000
h = 2.374 m !!!!

These are not stories for naughty children, it’s not cheating people but the very truth as this is the height of our beloved Earth on the arc and on this distance. These are irrefutable proofs for the concavity of Earth, which scientists ignore and those who think it right keep their mouths tightly closed probably afraid to be laughed at by the scientific circle, and by the fear of losing their respect earned with such difficulty. Who manipulates all this, is interested in cheating people? After all, each layperson could do such simple measurements and calculations to learn the truth and open the eyes of all skeptics. How long is this farce about to last and why?

In 1901 in the mine ‘Tamarackmine’ two engineers made measurements between pit shafts on the ground and under the ground, at the depth of 1295.4 meters, with the use of stacks dropped to this depth. The distance between the shafts under the ground was 975.360 m and on the surface 974.964 m. Due to the fact that neither of them knew the theory of an inner cosmos, and certain of the mistakes of their measurements, they repeated them many times, but already at the assistance of professor Mc. Nair, who as a great adherent of the Copernican theory had to with a heavy heart and definitely consider these results as true! Similar measurements were carried out also in other mines and on the highest bridges of the world. These measurements were carried out as early as 100 years ago and are repeated until now. Each time the result is the same, the Earth is concave and not convex! And what does science tell us about it? Everybody knows. I remember from school when we were told that distances between the shafts under the ground are always shorter than those on the ground, because our planet is a sphere and we live on its surface. The measurements shows us something completely different. So who is cheating who?

Everybody certainly heard about the measurements of the speed of ships with the use of the so-called log, which initially had a form of a scaled line wound up on a turnstile with a wooden block fastened to its end. The measurement was made by throwing out the block off the stern or a ship’s side and measuring the speed with which the line was unrolled. The speed was traditionally measured in knots.
The same can be done at measuring the speed of the Earth but not with an object thrown out off the ship’s side but by ‘throwing the light’ out of it. It has been assumed that if the Earth spins around the Sun, then its speed can be measured using special instruments. For that purpose the Nobel Prize winner, Allais, made a very precise optical measuring instrument, which was to indicate in a precise way the speed of the globe in relation to the Sun. The speed which had been measured was 0 km/h! The same applies to the rotation of the Earth around its own axis. Professor Barnet measured that the metal bar put in rotational motion becomes magnetic, so he reached a conclusion that the Earth which was stuffed with various metal particles, by rotating around its own axis at the speed of 1670 km/h would create such a great magnetic field that after a short time it should stop. However, it doesn’t – it doesn’t do it because it doesn’t rotate around its axis, neither does it turn around the Sun!

wewnętrzny kosmos

The laws of universal gravitation in the Copernican mathematical model also nobody can logically explain, only some nonsense assumptions are made, not supported by any rational scientific facts or proofs, because it is impossible to logically explain this phenomenon according to the Copernican theory, but for sure according to the theory of inner galaxies. Some people say that it is the Earth which attract us, whereas the others – that an unknown force from cosmos presses us to the Earth. These are all assumptions, no proof ! Together with the increase of the distance to the Sun the gravitational force does not decreases. Please, notice that on planets, which are far away from the Sun there are planets of various size and the Sun keeps them close, and it is not because of a general gravitation but on the basis of segregation of their potential, because behind these bigger planets, there are supposedly more smaller ones.